"Fusion guitarist Chris Michels adds hints of folk and jazz to his jamming and songwriting. He has a large catalog focused on musicianship AND goofiness that is very tight - and very loose at the same time."

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Chris discovered his love of music jamming with friends and from then on has been involved in as much music as he can squeeze into his life. Performing every style he can learn, he has dedicated his life to music- living in his car for 10 months in frigid northern Michigan to save enough to do music full time. When not performing Chris teaches music in Traverse City, MI, tinkers in his home studio, and enjoys life with his wife, and daughter. 

The Past Year

Chris had an exciting year, beginning with a 5 state-tour, hitting Michigan venues throughout the year such as Bell's, Founders, Unruly, Workshop, Short's, Ore Dock, and some great festivals including Blissfest and Harvest Gathering. A New Album came out in November 2019 Chemistry.